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A general rule of sum, almost all the bosses do AoE attacks or have AoE status affect. Several of the mobs have AoE attacks and hit quit hard. Moreover like the ingame hint said, some AoE are unavoidable, but you can reduce damage by not stacking on top of each other and spreading out.

As for party make up, I have to say sins are so far pretty useless for this instance due to the amount of AoE being thrown around by bosses. All ranged dps is prefered. Cleric and chanter in support spec is highly recommended. Tank can be Templar or Glad, but glad just need to hold agro. SM is prefered too since almost all of the bosses gets berserk buff near the last 10% and should be disbuffed by SM.

Now I will give you a rough lay out of the raid, I will try to add in specific names later when write the names down. This raid has 4 wings, South, East, North and West. Your party starts at South Wing and you will than fight your way to the center where you can pick one of the wings, fight all the way to boss and than come back to middle to start on other wings. There is also a 5th area you can access to through the statue in the center if the raid. It's a small garden where there are some quests, AP relic boxes and Token Exchanger. It seems the order to take the wings are West, East than North last. Each wings have two bosses and than there is one boss near the End of South wing that guards the way to center room. So a total of 7 bosses I believe.

Starting out/South Wing

Your party will start at the beginning of south wing surrounded by friendly NPC, and several quest givers. Many parties will wipe 5-6 times here due to lack of foresight as what is going to happen. At this area, everyone should pick up the quest and than move as far back toward the entrance as possible, b/c as soon as someone talks to Karhun to open the gate, large waves of mobs will spawn and attack. So the tank should be the only person to run up, talk to Karhun and run back to let NPC tank the mob. With NPC holding agro, the tank should selectively pick of the elite mobs off 1 by 1. I recommend the dragon mobs since they hit hard and have AoE, goes down fast. Again just pick one mob at a time till wave one mobs are cleared. Than instead of everyone running ahead, the tank should run ahead by himself till he triggers wave 2 of the mobs. As soon as he sees wave two, run back toward starting point and into NPC to let them tank while your party picks mob off 1 by 1 again. After wave 2 is dead, the tank repeats the same process by running further down south wing trigger third and final wave, than run back toward NPC. With all 3 waves down, your party can run all the way down south wing till you get to front of center pavilion and first boss.

Boss 1:

This boss uses earth attack and has two AoE attack and one single target attack. It seems the AoE attack hits the hardest and single target attack is unavoidable. The two AoE attacks are called Tremer and Earth Upheavel. Tremer is a 10m 360 AoE around the boss that tank should easily jump away and avoid. Earth Upheavel is an AoE attack where the boss summons exploding rocks where all party members are standing, like the rocks in the Raksang dragon fight. These rocks explode in 3 sec of summoning so as soon as Earth Upheavel is used all party member should start moving to avoid the rocks summoned and get caught in explosion. I don't recall the name for the single point attack, but the boss will target a dps or support and hit him with an attack that does okay damage, but causes slow. It can be self potted out so do so to save cleric trouble. This boss is pretty straight toward tank n spank avoid Tremer and Earth Upheavel.

Center Pavillion
Here you can rest up while deciding which wing to tackle first. There is no mob here and there is a statue in the middle where you can select it that teleports you to a small garden where there are quests, AP relic chest and Token exchanger for weapons skin and mount. But mostly the center Pavillion is where you go back to after clearing each wing. I do not know if there is any wings to pick first, but I do know there is a quest near the end of East wing that needs to be picked up before killing boss of North Wing. You don't have to follow me, but I picked West, East than North Wing in this order.

West Wing:
As you start toward the west wing you will see a dragon mob patrolling the entrance to west wing. It's the same mob from the beginning so I recommend tank agro him first kill him and than deal with any mob he picks up since his agro range is huge. Kill him and than clear one side of the room so you proceed onwards.

In the next room there will be two golem pat and a balaur Mage in the middle of the room that guards the switch to the key. Pick either side of the room it dosent matter. The tank should agro the pat and tank him away from party. The golem mob has an AoE called followers madness that does massive dmg. However it's a 5m 360 AoE that can be avoided since golem dosent move when he use AoE. Tank will take 50% dmg to health and sins and cloth will die after 2 hit, so sins need to watch out. Kill the golem, than kill balsam Mage guarding the switch. Use switch to open door at end of hall way. Kill one of the guards guarding the door and sneak pass the other.

Next room will have two golem pat again and two balaur Mage in center room. I recommend going from the right since there is another side room on the right side that you can pull golem into to avoid agroing the center two balaur. There is a named non agressive shugo in that room. I believe he is for another quest but I killed him just do be sure. Proceed into next hallway after killing the right side golem.

Next hall way is simple, kill the golem and the two Balaur sin guard. Proceed to next room. Next room has several mobs and two floors. You really only need to kill the two balaur mages in the center of the room than run to the right side of the room and jump up to the ramp leading to second room floor. Clear all the mobs on second floor starting with cloth, sin, cloth, etc. side note some of the balaur Mage seem to flicker in and out. I don't know if its due to that cloaker orb or is it a glitch. I have destroyed the orb first, but I don't see a major difference. Either way don't run off unless you see the balaur Mage dead cause he will flicker in and out of existence. Clear all of upper floor to procedd to boss room 1.

West Wing Boss 1
First take a look at the floor, you will see its divided into 3 rings. The floor is important to this fight. The boss will periodically activate the floor. It's either center and outter ring that glows or middle ring that glows. Either way party me ever just need to tank and spank boss 1 while avoiding the glowing floor section, they will kill you fast. Other than the floor to avoid this boss has nothing else special. Near 10% health, Boss 1 goes berserk and SM need to disbuff the berserk buff. Than its just burn away. Note the room will lock as soon as fight starts, so everyone needs to get inside before fight starts. Kill boss rest up before taking elevator down.

West Wing Final Room
You will see man mobs down here, but you don't need to clear. As soon as you get down look to your left and you will see a glowing map construct. That is a quest so clear as you have to toward it. You should only need to kill the left pat sin, the Mage near the map and the plate guarding the left side of stairs leading up to Boss 2. Complete the quest, walk up the stairs and rest.

West Wing Boss 2

This boss has 3 special attacks that needs to be avoided also note the position of two plates in the room and keep them in mind for later. Special attack 1 is Commander Strike is a frontal 45 degree ~8m AoE. So tank must turn boss away from party to avoid excessive damage. Commander Strike can be easily avoided by either moving 8m back or run toward boss 2 to her back. It's recommended to avoid that attack if possible. The second special attack boss 2 has is called Gravity Distortion. She summons some kind of blue puddle on the ground that blow up in 3 secs. She only summons this near her so as long tank pulls boss away from party, he is only person that needs to avoid the blue puddle. The last special attack is a room wide instant kill AoE. If anyone has run Esoterrence and fought Surama, it's the same concept. As mentioned before there are two plates locate east and west of the room. As soon as boss run to the center of room, starts to activate center device and floor glows red, everyone needs to get on one of the pads. Like the water streams in Iggison and Gelk, they will automatically shoot you up and keep you out of the AoE. No need to glide, just stay in the plate area. You will be let down after boss stops the room wide AoE. So tank should take note of where plates are and position party accordingly to allow quick access to stream since boss does cast a slow right before she activates the kill floor. With a high DPS party, you should have to do this at most twice. Again near 10% boss beserks and SM need to disbuff. Than tank n spank all the way till dead. Once boss is dead make your way back to center pavilion.

Center Pavilion:
Rest up and procedd to east wing.

East Wing:
Just like West wing, there is that dragon rider mob that needs to be burned ASAP along with any add he brings. Clear one side and procedd to next hall. In the next hall you will see mobs that look like mini Surama. Nothing special other than random agro, so burn it and proceed to next hall way. At the next hall way there is a ranger mob patrolling the center lane while mobs are to the side. Wait for ranger to walk all the way down the hall and than kill the two mobs nearest to the entrance of where your party enters the long hall. This is to avoid ranger pat from agroing the two later when you fight him. Kill the two mobs, wait for ranger to walk back, kill him too. Than run down the hall way and kill the fattie balaur for his key. Open door and procedd.

Next room you will see little flying eye bots seen from Sky Fort, kill them fast so they don't summon add. Than procedd to next room with elevator and 4 rooms. Unfortunatly you need to clear all the rooms since its random which fattie balaur has the key, however none of the mobs hit that hard so it's just tank n spank till you get key. With the key open the door leading to the elevator and rest before going down. It's East Wing Boss 1 below.

East Wing Boss 1
This boss is actually the rehashed fake boss from Esoterrence, but unlike last time you need to kill him. The room is covered in a fog like substance. It's a constant slow and dot so don't bother dispelling it. That's why only go down once everyone is ready. The boss itself dosent have any special attacks, however the room is special. As you begin to fight the boss, you will soon see glowing rings that look like clocks. As you can guess if you step on the rings, you will get instant cast and attack speed, like WoQ/WoW affect. However the boss also will use those rings to boost his own speed. A SM can and should disbuff that effect on boss as soon as its seen. Also while on ring I think you stop taking damage from the AoE Slow/Dot, not sure could just be my cleric healing. Anyway as you burn boss down to 50%, he will summon one or two adds in the same or different clock ring area. Those mobs will paralyze you as soon as they hit you so it's recommended that anyone gets para'd or see mob yell it up and kill the add. The adds are normal mobs so with the boosted cast speed they should go down fast. Other than the one or two adds he periodically summons, the fight is just tank n spank while hopping from clock ring to clock ring. Again last 10% beserk buff, SM disbuff. Kill and than open the door directly behind boss.

East Wing Eternal Prison
Surpurise surpurise its your old pal Surama! But this time he is on your side. Talk to him for a quest. The prisoners he refers to are in the two rooms next to his room. So get back out and look left and right of Surama's room. Open the door and burn the the eye robot before hr summons add. Just open both room and you should be done of that quest. But before you run back up, run to the other side of Eternal Prision. There is one more room and quest opposite of Surama's room. Open it and take the quest to kill Tahahbata, final boss of North Wing. With that take elevator up and procedd to the door at the north end of room that you skipped.

East Wing Main Floor
There are no more mobs to clear and north room door is open, NPC balaur will have killed them all, so just procedd to the next boss room. Watch Surama talk to this boss and than get one shotted. Hey where is my AP relic Surama!

East Wing Boss 2

Although I never personally downed the boss we were able to get him down to 20% before lag killed us all. However the tactics still hold true. First of a this boss hits really really hard. His neutral attack does 8k damage to cloth. Fortunately he doesn't have any crazy AoE attacks, just one very annoying AoE ankle snare. Moreover, this boss is more similar to the tank part in Rentus where u fight the worm. Unlike the other bosses, whoever hits him first will be transformed into a skeleton. You will only have two skills than, a taunt and a heal attack. Left skill is to taunt and slow boss while right skill is an AoE to kill adds and heal you. Whoever is the skeleton will actually be tanking the boss. As a skeleton you need to taunt the boss while you are kiting him. You team burn him down. However like I said before this boss will cast ankle snare which will slow you the skeleton down and summon adds. As soon as you see him cast Ankle Snare, taunt and slow him than run toward adds to kill and heal yourself. It does get chaotic so here is the party positioning that I set up. Everyone that is not going to be a skeleton stack up while the skeleton man stands 10m away from team and kite boss from side to side. As soon as Ankle snare pop, taunt and run toward team to kill adds to heal. Than go back to kiting from side to side. Again the boss hits really hard and heals has a 1 sec delay so its very possible a 1 sec lag will kill the skeleton and the next highest hate member will be skeleton. It's a sudden change so be on your toes. Again likely 10% he berserks, SM disbuff burn and loot. Make you way back to center Pavillion.

Center Pavillion
This is you last rest and near end of this guide since I haven't really gotten to the final boss Tahabatha. So I will finish the last part of the guide as soon as I can, in the mean time I can tell you what I know of the two bosses in North Wing the final wing of Tiamat Stringhold. It's the two end bosses from Dark Poeta with a bit twist.

North Wing
North Win is pretty straight forward, just one long hall. I don't recall if there is the same dragon rider mob outside, but if there is just kill him first and than adds. Procced inside and you will come to a large hall. Kill the pat down the center and don't bother with the mobs to the side. The boss that you meet first is General Anhurat from Dark Poeta. He has three special attacks as far as I can recall.

North Wing Boss 1
He has 3 special attacks I recall. All AoE attacks. First AoE is called Storm of Blade. Like the blade master from WoW, he spins his blade in a 360. I believe it's a 10m range so tank dodge it as soon as u see him cast it. I don't recall the other attack names but I can give you a describition. He has a frontal and prosteior 45 degree AoE attack. So tank should turn boss to the side and DPS attack his flank. His last special is he summons blade out of w/e party members are standing. I don't believe you can avoid it. However that attack does more damage the closer the party members are, so it's a must that members spread out to take the least amount of damage. I recalled that first time we were all stacked and it was instant kill. As far beyond that someone else can fill in for me.

North Wing Beyond
?????? I don't really know since I haven't gotten there. Maybe later tonite I will run it again to updated it for you. Or maybe some one else can reply with the rest or corrections.

So far all the bosses drop fabled armor and accessory. I did see an eternal chain hand too. Surpurisingly though we even got a fable instance armor off the mob. It was a chain hand guard. Actually all my drops were chain hand, so I guess chain hand high drop? Also I heard that final boss Tahahbata drops enternal bike in addition to W/e else it drops.

So anyways helping hunting and I hope this guide helps you a little bit!

PS sorry for any typos or any missed information as this was a preliminary guide that I rushed out on my phone. It's more for myself to record it than anything but I don't mind sharing.


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