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rules in game

Post  blackangel on Mon May 06, 2013 4:27 am

Welcome to our legion!
When you have decided to enter our legion, have decided to enter into a family and that respect for those who play in this legion, will be required.
-Please do not use any method to cheat because you will be kicked out of the legion as soon as we notify it.
legion-use chat to ask for help whenever you have an unclear or more information on gamez aion server please read its official website. do not spam because nobody will be forced to respond and do not accept any pressure.
-also vulgar language is not supported.
-no one is forced to stay or to leave the legion if these rules are broken.
have fun!

(if I missed anything please add what you it seems necessary that should be respected) Very Happy

Disabled Game Features
Exchanging AP Relics - Punishment: AP Reset
Purchasing Disabled Equipment - Punishment: Removal of purchased item(s)
Deity Transformation - Punishment: AP Reset/Jail Time/Temp Ban

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